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Who Wins If Two Players Have A Flush In Poker? With Examples

A straight flush beats four-of-a-kind, full houses, and all other hands below it in the hand rankings. Only the royal flush beats the straight flush, and the straight flush defeats all other made hands in the poker hand rankings. Making a straight flush gives you one of the strongest hands on the poker hand rankings chart. Straight flushes stand as the second-highest ranking hand in poker, only losing to royal flushes. While comparing one Flush poker hand with another, you will first have to measure the rank of its initial cards. Let’s take an example of the two Flush poker hands mentioned above, the player with the king of hearts will surely win when compared to a jack of spades.

When on the other hand, you will hit a flush once every 508 hands. There is one situation where having AKs is not optimal. In such a scenario, I would rather have any other ace-high flush but the AK high flush. That way, I can know that someone else might be holding a 2nd nut flush as I don’t hold the K myself. Some players might be folding lower flushes, but almost no one folds 2nd nut K high flush.

(jack-high straight flush), 9♣8♣7♣6♣5♣ (nine-high straight flush) and A♠2♠3♠4♠5♠ (five-high straight flush) are all examples of straight flushes. If your hand is identical to the dealer’s hand, your initial bet and raise are a push. If the dealer’s hand outranks your hand, you lose your initial bet and raise. First, find a spot that isn’t already occupied.

Ace high is the strongest Flush hand followed by King high and then Queen high etc. If two or more players both possess a Flush with the same high card then the second highest card will determine the winner. You may well have called with suited lower value connectors. Or you might have found the flop landing kindly with same-suited cards being dealt. PokerStars is home to the best online poker events.

Basically whoever has the highest card in the flushed suit as one of their hole cards will overpower and win the flush hand. If both players neither can include a card into the flush that’s higher than the lowest card in the community board, it ties. Texas Hold’em poker probabilities calculate the chances of making a five-card hand out of seven total cards.

The highest card in the hand is your ‘best hand’. Two different sets of two cards of matching rank. The highest-ranked remaining card completes the hand.


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