Recreation Report on the actual Weeks time: 10,001 Night time

You cannot see the perverted abaza in Greece raping women with their eyes. Making love is as natural as drinking water, as it should be.

they say; but in Turkey, very religious home the girls among his brother, his nephew, who raped his cousins, children hidden killed with became pregnant family decisions, which are not recorded, screams heard by millions of heresy from any mention of it.

Greece is not a paradise. Paradise is already an old tale concocted to console the poor and encourage wars …

But when you go to a Greek Island and compare what you see with what you see in a Turkish Island, Greece feels like paradise to you.

It burns your brain to see a bearded priest drinking his beer and chatting with a few British girls in bikinis “who are interested in spiritual matters”; First he instinctively reacts to the kiss of two naked young girls on the beach, then he remembers your country washed with blood and says, “Is there anything better in this world than love, love, kissing?” you ask, and you are surprised at your own instinctual reaction.

Bozcaada is the smallest of them. It is the size of a village. This village is read from Turkey, writers, poets, painters, they have space. The god of wind protects the island. The sea is icy due to the reverse wind and bottom sources, our conformist grasshopper herd cooperatives fortunately do not like cold water; The wind blows so hard that people do not go much except for a month or two, they do not want to settle there. When they come, they destroy it. Its infrastructure is problematic, roads are damaged, beaches are paid.

Gökçeada is our big island in the Aegean. There is no god of wind here, the sea is hot and without waves. In addition, other gods are not often visited here. You will see ghost buildings and villages that have been evacuated, “Turkified”, unappealing. Its water and forest are wonderful, but the roads are full of holes and terrible. There is uncollected garbage everywhere. Goats eat this garbage. As if cursing the last few remaining Greek families, with their cars with the Ottoman signature; The grandchildren of ex-prisoners who have settled here are wandering around. A young woman cannot walk alone with peace of mind. Every building built by the state breaks the island’s silhouette as a symbol of an architectural understanding. Someone from Trabzon says “Laz Bay” to the big bay he owns, sells meatballs by the sea, gets money from those who want to take a shower. It is the island of barbarism, destruction, rudeness, it gives people sadness, not peace.

It is the land of the mafia. The land of prostitution and gambling. Aksaray Laleli is the island of pimps who took the passports of poor Russian girls and imprisoned them on the island. He embraced all kinds of sows, murderers, luckless, old-time tenderers in order to Turkify them; Disgusting geography trying to compensate for destroyed beauty by gambling and prostitution … Ask a Cypriot that their enemies are not Greeks, this is barbarism and this infidelity.

There is nothing beautiful but artichoke in Northern Cyprus, which is only made with genuine olive oil on the Greek side.

11 million while Greek island of tranquility in the eighty-seven, 80 million in Turkey’s three islands -yapaylık, barbarism, çakallık, there is chaos and hüzün-.

Today, the bridge is opened with French design, Italian partnership, Japanese capital and the government’s voucher for a Turkish subcontractor.


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