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Ülkü Ocakları Education and Culture Foundation Balıkesir Provincial Directorate, a student of the department of history who was murdered as a result of the attack of members of the separatist terrorist organization on the Ege University Campus on February 20, 2015, and Ülkü Ocakları Education and Culture Foundation

Stating that it is possible to meet all the demands of the tradesmen, Akın said, “The government holding congresses of‘ Lebalep´ is as risky as the virus. ” said.

Balıkesir Governor Hasan Şıldak warned that our city, which is in a very high risk group, could participate in controlled normalization in a healthy way.

Turkey Urban Councils Association (TKKB) days at home between 4-6 March 2021 “City Council Women’s Council Screening Workshop” will be held.

Edremit Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate teams continue their park construction works in green areas within the planned zoning areas.

In Balıkesir, while the gendarmerie teams captured 26 people wanted during their public order practices in the last 3 days, 19 firearms and 30 cartridges were seized.

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Treasure hunters searching for historical artifacts in Kavaklı District of Karesi District of Balıkesir Province were caught red-handed while excavating with an earth moving machine.

Balıkesir Governor Hasan Şıldak evaluated the position of Balıkesir in the risk map determined within the scope of the New Controlled Process in his speech at the merger meeting of the OIZ.

Karesi Mayor Dinçer Orkan, who frequently visits the neighborhood to produce services in line with the wishes and expectations of the citizens, met with the headmen and citizens of the rural Şamlı, Halkapınar, Karabeyler, Karakol and Fethiye Neighborhoods together with the AK Party Karesi District President Yusuf Hocaoğlu.

Bandırma Municipality will present Ahmet Şerif İzgören’s book “Bandırma Rocket Club” to all middle school students studying in the district.

Erdek Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment Plant tender was made by the General Directorate of Iller Bank for 66 million TL.

The graduate teacher, poet and writer Şefik Koman, who is a graduate of the Village Institutes, was commemorated at his grave in the Bandırma cemetery in the first year of his passing.

Eyüp İl, President of Bandırma Chamber of Electricians and Electronics Tradesmen, resigned from the supervisory board of Bandırma Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit Guarantee Cooperative.

The Traffic Teams of Balıkesir Provincial Gendarmerie Command, in order to ensure the traffic order and safety, the drivers are obliged to prevent traffic rules, prohibitions and restrictions.

CHP Balıkesir Deputy Ahmet Akın stated that natural gas was increased for the third time in 2 months and that new hikes were at the door.

In the Waste Battery Collection Campaign organized by the Municipality of Karesi in 2020, those who collected the most batteries received their awards from the Mayor of Karesi, Dinçer Orkan.

Presidential Communications Ministry, Turkey’s national, historical, cultural, scientific and technological wealth will be discussed with the digital representation of the digital Tor Project spent his life.

Karesi Municipality, which produces projects to benefit from the European Union support programs, puts its signature under international studies for a “Common Future”.


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