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At least that’s what happened to me, I would say I wish I wouldn’t drink every time you drink it, but somebody in the environment would say we drank it now, let’s not think about it, and I would say that you should read what I have told at most 5 minutes but this is a very long time. It took 7 years from my life, I would go to the club, I would go to the club 3-4 times, I would go to the toilet and smoke and drink vodka. extasy / pill) but when you smoke, when you smoke, when you live in the smoke, the trip is 115 when you are wavy, you start to do the things you think inside of you, after you do, you notice the explosion of the first wave mixing with the blood, the change around the jaw contraction of the lights glow in the lids involuntarily It’s an incredible literature to open up more (don’t talk too much and forget about it) I don’t say whatever it is, don’t let go of my friends, don’t leave it, I’m not thinking of leaving it too, but my friend with whom I started this shit for 7 years, my friend with whom I have been drinking, the cover is below.

When we bought it, he stayed where it was and said, gentlemen, the important thing is not how much you drink. It started to vomit at the place where it exploded and it was shaking yesterday, experienced people know that you cannot eat anything the day after the wave, its pain is bad We have not eaten anything for 2 days and we bought it from the bucket, it was shedding beads of sweat, it was shaking very badly.It was not something I saw for the first time. It makes your eyes redden because it lowers the sugar. If you want to get your head over, take the shower in the wave or wash your face jamaica / bonzai the same thing is to eat sweet food with sherbet anyway, let’s come to our topic I saw my friend’s eyes slipping and this was something I saw for the first time, your head fell to the ground I hit me hard, everyone started running, suddenly I got into a trip, my head was very nice, I had the stuff on me, but I couldn’t leave it like that, I directly called the police and buried / hid the material) Dolphin came instead of the police, I was beaten by the dolphin once, I said brother when I saw the dolphin, this kid is my friend I found it like this, help me dolphin came and he called the team so I said to myself, you know, I called the police with this moment of panic, I said why I did not call the ambulance anyway, the doblo team came and beat me up and beat me up and they said you made this kid like this, I said no brother One officer pulled the package out of your pocket jamaica said it fell from you said the package was black but the cigarette I had was in the a4 paper, I said no brother, I went with a brawl and lowered the car in the dark, my thought was that my friend did not raise my head, I cry involuntarily because I know my friend’s family. this is you They put pressure on you, they pulled up, they took the job, they came to scare me, of course, my thought was up to me, and when I talked a little more, they lay down and attacked and when I came to myself, my mouth was in blood on the roadside, they called from the house, I went home 30-40 times and I went home with my family and my friend’s family was together. I came and I said that the thinners attacked me or something, I read ghazals from time immemorial and I have buried my friend right now, why did I tell all this friends, I will leave this and you will leave this last lesson years pass and you realize that you are addicted. Do not leave it before it starts, friends, please leave a comment if anyone reads what I have written, I don’t want to feel like talking to myself, thanks everyone.


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